This module offers a general purpose parallel coordinate plotting Class using matplotlib.

class ema_workbench.analysis.parcoords.ParallelAxes(limits, formatter=None, fontsize=14, rot=90)

Base class for creating a parallel axis plot.

  • limits (DataFrame) – A DataFrame specifying the limits for each dimension in the data set. For categorical data, the first cell should contain all categories. See get_limits for more details.
  • formattter (dict , optional) – dict with precision format strings for minima and maxima, use column name as key. If column is not present, or no formatter dict is provided, precision formatting defaults to .2f
  • fontsize (int, optional) – fontsize for defaults text items
  • rot (float, optional) – rotation of axis labels

flip direction for specified axis

Parameters:axis (str or list of str) –

add a legend to the figure

plot(data, color=None, label=None, **kwargs)

plot data on parallel axes

  • data (DataFrame or Series) –
  • color (valid mpl color, optional) –
  • label (str, optional) –
  • additional kwargs will be passed to matplotlib's plot (any) –
  • method.
  • is normalized using the limits specified when initializing (Data) –
  • ParallelAxis.

helper function to get limits of a FataFrame that can serve as input to ParallelAxis

Parameters:data (DataFrame) –
Return type:DataFrame