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Jun 11, 2024

Exploratory Modelling and Analysis (EMA) Workbench

Exploratory Modeling and Analysis (EMA) is a research methodology that uses computational experiments to analyze complex and uncertain systems (Bankes, 1993). That is, exploratory modeling aims at offering computational decision support for decision making under deep uncertainty and Robust Decision Making.

The EMA workbench aims at providing support for performing exploratory modeling with models developed in various modelling packages and environments. Currently, the workbench offers connectors to Vensim, Netlogo, and Excel.

The EMA workbench offers support for designing experiments, performing the experiments - including support for parallel processing on both a single machine as well as on clusters-, and analysing the results. To get started, take a look at the high level overview, the tutorial, or dive straight into the details of the API. For a comparison between the workbench and rhodium, see this discusion.

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