This module contains code for logging EMA processes. It is modeled on the default logging approach that comes with Python. This logging system will also work in case of multiprocessing using ema_parallel.


Returns root logger used by the EMA workbench

Return type:the logger of the EMA workbench

Turn on logging and add a handler which prints to stderr

Parameters:level (int) – minimum level of the messages that will be logged
ema_workbench.util.ema_logging.temporary_filter(name='EMA', level=0, functname=None)

temporary filter log message

name : str or list of str, optional
logger on which to apply the filter.
level: int, or list of int, optional
don’t log message of this level or lower
funcname : str or list of str, optional
don’t log message of this function

all modules have their own unique logger (e.g. ema_workbench.analysis.prim)

TODO:: probably all three should beoptionally be a list so you might filter multiple log message from different functions