This module offers basic functionality for converting a matplotlib figure to black and white. The provided functionality is largely determined by what is needed for the workbench.

ema_workbench.analysis.b_and_w_plotting.set_fig_to_bw(fig, style='hatching', line_style='continuous')

TODO it would be nice if for lines you can select either markers, gray scale, or simple black

Take each axes in the figure and transform its content to black and white. Lines are tranformed based on different line styles. Fills such as can be used in meth:envelopes are gray-scaled. Heathmaps are also gray-scaled.

derived from and expanded for my use from: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7358118/matplotlib-black-white-colormap-with-dashes-dots-etc

  • fig (figure) – the figure to transform to black and white
  • style ({HATCHING, GREYSCALE}) – parameter controlling how collections are transformed.
  • line_style (str, {'continuous', 'black', None}) –